Chocolate lovers fuming after noticing same flaw with popular Cadbury's bar

Some Cadbury's fans have been left furious after noticing part of their favourite chocolate bar is 'missing' (stock image)
-Credit: (Image: Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Many of us turn to chocolate when we need a pick me up.

Indulging in something sweet can send a rush of happy feelings through our bodies – but sadly this wasn't the case for some frustrated Brits.

That's because when they tore open the packaging of Wispa bars, they were all confronted with the same problem. Cadbury's fans took to X, formerly Twitter, to complain that part of their favourite treat was "missing".

One individual said: "Hey @CadburyUK I almost felt as empty inside as these Bitsa Wispa when I opened the pack! Who do I speak to to get a replacement?"

Another shared their frustration, asking: "@CadburyUK any idea who nicked the caramel out of my Wispa Gold?"

Meanwhile, a third moaned: "Hey Cadbury.... there seems to be something missing in this Wispa Gold.... there is barely any of the bubbly chocolaty goodness!"

A fourth added: "Hey @CadburyUK come get your Wispa it's clearly unwell." And another remarked: "Hi @CadburyUK I was shocked to find my Wispa chocolate bar hollow."

Cadbury's responded to a number of frustrated customers on X, writing: "Sorry to hear that! Please contact the customer care team and they'll look into this for you."

The Wispa bar has been a fan favourite ever since it launched in the 80s. It was briefly discontinued in 2003, sparking a campaign for it to be brought back.

Wispa, a milk chocolate bar with a deliciously bubbly centre, returned in 2007 and has been a staple on shop shelves since then. It also comes in many different varieties – from salted caramel, to hot chocolate and biscuits.