Chloe Radford opens up about having more kids after her parents had 22 and found fame as Britain's biggest family

Chloe Radford has opened up about expanding her family
Chloe Radford has opened up about expanding her family -Credit:Instagram / Chloe Radford

22 Kids And Counting star Chloe Radford has opened up about her future family plans and has revealed that she’d like to have more children one day.

The 28 year old, who is mum to one year old Mila, took to TikTok to discuss her plans to expand her brood and explained that “one day” she’d want to give Mila a brother or sister - though she’s in “no rush” to do so at the moment.

As she engaged with her followers on the app, one fan asked: “Would you have any more babies?” to which the TV personality gave her candid response.

Chloe Radford
Chloe Radford is mum to one year old Mila -Credit:@itschloeradford/instagram

“Definitely one day!” she stated. “No rush, just enjoying putting all our time and energy into Mila.”

Doting mum Chloe comes from a big family herself as her parents Noel and Sue Radford have 22 children, making them Britain’s biggest family.

Over the years Noel and Sue have opened up about navigating parenthood and Sue spoke to OK! earlier this year where she outlined her own plans to expand her family.

The Radford family
Chloe is part of Britain's biggest family -Credit:Instagram

“We adore being surrounded by kids so I’d love to adopt or foster. We’re not having any more of our own so it’s definitely something we’d think about when ours are older,” she said.

However, as many of her children fly the nest as they enter adulthood, the Channel 5 star has revealed that the family dynamic has inevitably changed over the years and that it “was hard” to see her children begin new chapters of their lives.

“When they started to move out it was hard as a mum and strange not to have them all together. I dread the thought of an empty nest but know it will happen one day. But you can’t hold your kids back - when you love them you have to let them live their dreams,” she added.

Sue Radford
Chloe's mum Sue has opened up about it being "hard" to see her children fly the nest -Credit:Instagram

Meanwhile, with 22 children in tow, Sue has given an insight into how she and Noel keep their marriage alive after tying the knot 32 years ago.

“We don’t take each other for granted,” she told us. “We’re each other’s best friend and we try to get a date night now once a month - we have ready-made babysitters after all!”

And with the couple running their own business, Sue stated that she’d never take the family’s situation for granted after almost “losing everything”.

“We almost went bankrupt and thought we would lose the house,” Sue admits. “I just kept thinking, ‘There’s no way out of this, and I really don’t see how our marriage can survive,” she said.

She continued: “But our marriage has always been strong - and having the kids kept us right. We stuck together and got through it. It was sink or swim and we chose to swim.”