Chloe Ferry can’t let go of on-off boyfriend despite furious rows and cheating rumours

Jhonny snuggled up with Chloe
-Credit: (Image: Johnny Wilbo/Instagram)

Love is not easily lost for Chloe Ferry, as according to a source close to the star she cannot seem to break up with boyfriend Johnny Wilbo despite multiple rows and cheating rumours.

The Geordie Shore star became famous in 2015 when she joined the cast of Geordie Shore at the age of only 19. A source told The Sun that the now 28-year-old may come across as tough and in control but in reality has a very sensitive soul and the world of fame and TV has affected the way that she dates people.

They said: “She was catapulted to fame at a really young age and it’s been hard knowing who she can trust."

Chloe and Johnny in her home
Chloe and Johnny in her £1.3 million home -Credit:Instagram

She continued, saying: "Chloe loves the idea of being in love and having her happily ever after. When she met Johnny, people around her had started to settle down.”

They met in 2021 when, according to a source, she “fell head over heels for him.” However, they broke up in 2022 after Chloe caught Johnny messaging other women. Then they got back together in secret after they were caught on camera partying. They were then seen partying in Thailand together later that year despite rumours that they were on the rocks again.

Johnny kissing Chloe
Chloe remains loved up with Johnny despite their struggles -Credit:@chloegshore1

They broke up again in February allegedly over finances as Johnny was living rent-free in Chloe’s £1.3 million mansion in Newcastle. Chloe said the two got back together and was hoping to make it through the summer with him. However, she has recently put that mansion up for sale. The house has everything, including five bedrooms, a cinema, a bar, and a kitchen with an island.

Despite posting online that she was the “luckiest girl in the world” when she moved into the house, she put it up for rent in 2022 for a jaw-dropping £7,000 a month, and now it is fully up for sale.

The source close to Chloe said her generous heart has led to her to keep forgiving him, and that their cycles of breaking up and getting back together have fed the relationship.

A beige room with a large tv
The cinema room in Chloe's house which is now for sale -Credit:Instagram

They said: “They have huge arguments but the make-up is always sweet. Despite everything she feels like he does really love her and he has supported her in lots of ways. She really values the relationship, which is why she keeps it so private.”

Now that Chloe boasts almost four million instagram followers and owns several cosmetics brands including Chloe Ferry Cosmetics, and The Hair Repair Club and the Beauty Lounge in Newcastle, her friends say she feels ready to settle down, and really feels like despite their ups and downs Johnny is “the one.”