Chloe Burrows hinted that she won't stay friends with some of the other Islanders

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Love Island's Chloe Burrows has hinted that she won't be staying friends with some of her fellow villa contestants, after the series came to a close just over two weeks ago. 

Chloe's comments come after the Love Island Reunion show, which received a mixed response from viewers and contestants alike, with fans voicing their complaints about the show, and Islander Shannon Singh calling the episode a "waste of time"

25-year-old Chloe also had an awkward moment of her own during the Reunion as she called fellow contestant Faye "terrifying" - and fans noticed Faye wasn't exactly happy about the comments

Asked whether she and Toby went out with the other Islanders following the Reunion show, Chloe's now revealed that they didn't."I was so tired and I had this whole thing with my dress. We were jumping in cabs and I just thought, no," she explained during an interview with heat alongside Toby. 

Chloe also went on to say that she doesn't know whether she'll stay friends with the other Islanders now they've left the show. 

Photo credit: ITV2
Photo credit: ITV2

Responding to a question on whether they'll stay pals, Chloe said, "Maybe... I don't know. It's so hard to keep in touch, it's really hard."

"I'm so rubbish on my phone at the moment, people are belling off your phone, it's like give me a minute. I stop replying, it's really hard," she continued before adding, "We'll see everyone at events and stuff."

As for the Reunion, Chloe also explained that she was laughing during filming because it was "so awkward". She added, "I was like nervous thinking 'Oh what's coming next?'. It was funny." 

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