Chloë Grace Moretz flips Jimmy Fallon over her shoulder while showcasing judo skills

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Chloë Grace Moretz flipped Jimmy Fallon over her shoulder while demonstrating her judo skills during a TV appearance on Monday.

As part of an interview for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Greta actress revealed that she worked on her martial arts skills in preparation for her role in the new sci-fi TV series, The Peripheral.

"I was super down and because it means I could throw 160 to 180-pound (72-81 kilogram) men just like over my shoulder and just fly them - which sounds fun!" she exclaimed.

Chloë then convinced Jimmy to help her showcase a stunt, with the petite star flipping the TV host onto a nearby sofa.

''I'm too old to be thrown!" he sighed.

Later, Chloë took to Twitter to share a clip of the moment.

"Hahahahah this was TOO good, and genuinely we did not rehearse it," the 25-year-old insisted.

The Peripheral is currently streaming via Prime Video.