'My childhood growing up in a cult'

Bexy Cameron on why she wrote about her childhood in the notorious Children of God cult.

Video transcript

BECKY CAMERON: Hi there. I'm Becky Cameron, and my book Cult Following is coming out on Bonnier Books this summer, July 8, which is very exciting. I'm going to tell you, in the space of one minute, why I wrote it.

I was born in the Children of God. I left when I was 15. I had a pretty much ordinary life after that, if-- I mean, what is an ordinary life? I hit 27 and realized that I completely wasn't over what I thought I was.

I bought a van with a friend of mine and joined 10 cults, traveling around America. And this book looks into that, and is intertwined in the story of my childhood as well. So you get that duality of the two things.

It's important to me, because it really helped me unpick it all. And I hope that in doing so, I don't know if it's going to resonate with people. But it definitely was an adventure that I'm excited to share. And I'm really glad that I've got you guys and the team at Bonnier, bringing this to fruition. I couldn't be more excited. So thank you so much.

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