Chicago Fire: what happened to Jesse Spencer’s Captain Matt Casey?

Chicago Fire has been running on screens for a decade, but one of its main original characters departed the show last year.

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Captain Matt Casey, played by Jesse Spencer, had starred from 2012 in the NBC series - about a group of firefighters and paramedics working together to save lives in Chicago which just began its eleventh season.

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What happened to Casey on Chicago Fire?

In October 2021, during the 200th episode of the show, it was revealed that Jesse would be leaving the show. The 43-year-old actor's character Casey makes the “life-altering decision” to leave Firehouse 51 and move away from his girlfriend - paramedic Sylvie Brett - to Oregon for three years, meaning he would be written out of the storyline for now.

The departure was explained with Casey resolving to move states in order to become legal guardian to Griffin and Ben, the sons of late firefighter Andy Darden who had died in the series premiere. In earlier seasons, viewers had seen him get close to his former colleague’s widow Heather and he also became a pseudo-father figure to the boys - but the family eventually left Chicago.

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Just before the 200th episode aired last year, executive producer Derek Haas said that he had “bittersweet feelings” about Jesse’s exit from the show. He said that it had been difficult to write, and thanked him for “years of amazing friendship and service and acting and making the show credible”.


Jesse Spencer plays Captain Matt Casey

Will Casey return to Chicago Fire?

Casey’s return to the plotline seems unlikely to happen anytime soon - not least because the character stated that he’d be moving to Oregon for three years. Additionally, the departure also seems permanent for now due to actor Jesse’s own plans. He said that, after 18 years working in TV, he wanted to focus on his family, and explained: “I hate to leave the show because I do love this show, but when the time comes, the time comes.”

However, there is the possibility of a future comeback - and it’s something the show seems very open to. According to Variety, Jesse has mentioned the idea of his character returning from Oregon one day, while Derek said he likes to keep characters alive if he thinks a return is possible.

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