Chicago Fire: Our Dream Spinoff

Among our wishes for the next season of Chicago Fire is for the NBC drama to make up its mind about Casey and Brett.

Chicago Fire Spinoff
Chicago Fire Spinoff

As we pointed out in our list of 5 Things We Want to See in Season 12 (and 1 Thing We Don’t), while it was admirable of the series to try to keep the couple’s romance alive following Jesse Spencer’s exit, the long-distance, on-and-off nature of the relationship eventually began to toy with not only the characters’ hearts, but that of viewers, too.

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So we’d like to present a spinoff proposal that would put an end to the emotional rollercoaster and open up a new chapter for the #OneChicago franchise/Dick Wolf Universe at the same time: Let Brett accept Casey’s season-finale proposal and have the pair start a new life together in Portland, Oregon, in their own show. (Yes, this all hinges on the actors wanting to sign up for such a scenario/move, but let’s just go with it for now.)

Such an offshoot would allow Brett and Casey to finally move forward in their stalled personal lives and to start a family with the Darden boys and Brett’s adopted daughter (and maybe some babies of their own down the road?). And professionally, Brett could bring her paramedicine program to her new city, while Casey’s role as a Portland firefighter would highlight a different type of challenge that isn’t seen in the Chicago world: forest fires. (Thanks to Fire Country, we already know there’s loads of story potential there.)

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Storyline-wise, such a move very much make sense for Casey and Brett, who clearly still love each other and have failed to make new relationships work. If they don’t get engaged and move to be together, then Casey needs to relocate back to the Windy City, which could be a possibility down the road, but we think exploring a new setting now is more enticing. (In the case of no engagement, the show should actually call it quits on “Brettsey,” for real.)

Of course, there are real-world logistics that would need be sorted out for Portland Fire (we’re open to other title suggestions) to become a reality, but those are above our pay grade. So for now, we’ll just dream of Casey and Brett’s happily ever after.

Chicago Fire fans, would you watch a spinoff about Casey and Brett’s adventures in Portland? Hit the comments to share!

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