Chicago Bears will switch fields with high school team for a day

Fun NFL news out of Chicago, and when’s the last time you could say that? The Bears will be switching fields with Vernon Hills High School, a local Chicago-area school, for a day. Let’s answer your many questions.

Wait, what? The Bears are switching fields?

Well, for one day, at least. On Aug. 22, Vernon Hills players will get the chance to practice at the Bears’ facility, and the pro team will hold a free, open-to-the-public workout at Vernon Hills. The team will start setting up at 4 p.m. to begin practice at 6 p.m., with fireworks to follow. Fireworks! While the event will be free, only 5,000 fans will be allowed into the stadium, and ticketing will be handled on the Bears’ website.

Why the switch?

Making nice with the community, of course. This is the third year that the Bears have switched fields with a local high school team, giving fans in the area a chance to check out the pro product right there on the same field where their own kids bobble their way through handoffs and overthrow passes. (Don’t say it.)

“Kids will be able to walk from their homes to Vernon Hills High School and watch the Bears practice,” Brian McDonald, athletic director at Vernon Hills High School, told the Chicago Tribune. “I mean, it’s a cool opportunity that doesn’t come around very often and we’re excited to provide that opportunity to our community.”

Are they going to switch offenses, too? Get it? Because the Bears in 2017 were so awf-

Yes, we get it. No, the Chicago Bears will not switch offenses with a high school team. Yes, the Bears ranked 30th of 32 teams last year in yards per game, but they’re still not switching offensive schemes with a high school team.


When they come onto the field, are the Bears going to run through one of those paper banners?

Presumably not.

Because that would be funny, especially if they couldn’t rip through it. And they might not be able to.

We’re pretty sure even the Chicago Bears can rip through a paper banner.

Will Mitchell Trubisky stride off the field “Breakfast Club”-style?

Considering Trubisky was born nine years after that movie came out, we’re fairly certain he has absolutely no idea what “The Breakfast Club” even is.

Will the Bears have to go to class too? Can’t play football if you skip class.

That is, as yet, undetermined.

Oh man, they aren’t going to try to go to any high school parties, are they? That would be … sad.

Yes, it would. No, in all likelihood the Bears will simply practice on the field one day, and then return to their own training camp field the next.

And they better not park in the senior parking lot. People get their tires slashed for parki-

I think we’re done here.

The Chicago Bears will switch fields with a high school team. (Getty)

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