Café chic: These affordable glass coffee cups have upgraded my mornings

These chic coffee cups have me feeling like an Instagram influencer. (Getty Images)
These chic coffee cups have me feeling like an Instagram influencer. (Getty Images)

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I'm a sucker for swiping up on Instagram and buying everything from the latest summer dress to hair removal cream and, once, a sofa... but we won't talk about that.

So, when I saw that every social media star worth their salt was drinking their morning coffee from a chic, double-walled glass cup, I had to get in on the hype.

Sure, you can splash out on all kinds of fancy brands, but I found mine for just £18.99 (per set of six) on Amazon, and I'm delighted with them.

Here's why I'll be buying the Ecooe Double Walled Coffee Glasses for all my friends' birthdays this year.

Why we rate them:

Not only do these chic coffee glasses look aesthetically pleasing in your kitchen, on your desk or in your hand, they are also satisfying to drink out of and make it easy to see whether you've poured the right amount of milk or cream (hey, no judgements here) into your cuppa.

The double-walled structure means you can hold them by the handle or the glass itself and not burn your hands. Plus, they're a brilliant size for those who like a larger beverage or have gone OTT on whipping the milk.

You can enjoy both hot and cold drinks in these glasses, and they're surprisingly robust, which is brilliant if you have lots of hard surfaces in your home, or are just slightly heavy-handed - like me.

I always get positive comments on them from anyone who pops round for a coffee, which is always a bonus.

What the reviews say:

I'm not the only one who has fallen for the charm of these glasses as a scroll through the reviews reveals.

  • "I took the leap and bought these and boy, am I glad I did! These mugs are very well made and keep my coffee nice and hot until I drink it down. I loved them so much, I ended up buying the next size up for bigger cups of coffee. I may be an addict..."

  • "I love that this cup is light weight and keeps my coffee or hot chocolate hotter for longer. No need to preheat."

  • "I'm always concerned about deliveries of 'flimsy' glass as most are poorly packed and do not survive. These did and they were very well packed. They are beautiful glasses and very, very well made. There are no blemishes, bubbles or flaws anywhere, in fact the only mark to show they are glass is the very small one left by the glass blower."

  • "Already had another brand of double walled mug which I loved, but wanted slightly bigger one. These are perfect, very easy to hold, tea / coffee stays warm for a while. Mugs seem robust too, have granite worktops and many a glass or beaker comes a cropper if I’m careless... these have survived so far! Great value for money, too."

Buy it: Ecooe Double Walled Coffee Glasses | £18.99 from Amazon

Ecooe Double Walled Coffee Glasses
Ecooe Double Walled Coffee Glasses