Chewits Ice Cream Sticks Have Landed In Iceland And They Look Smashing

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Chewits Ice Cream Sticks Have Landed In Iceland And They Look Smashing

It's safe to say we love ice cream. Whether it's mochi ice cream, ice cream sandwiches or ice cream boards, anything ice cream related and we're all over it, including new flavours.

So, as soon as we discovered Iceland's latest ice cream offering, we couldn't wait to let you guys know. Say hello to Chewits Ice Cream Sticks!

First spotted on Snack News & Reviews on Facebook, the new ice creams are available in Iceland stores now in three glorious flavours: strawberry, blue raspberry and cherry.

Described as "surprisingly chewy," the ice cream sticks come in six-packs and will set you back just £2 each.

If that wasn't enough, Iceland's also selling a triple layer praline ice cream and it tastes just like Kinder Bueno!

Made in Italy, using only the finest ingredients, the ice cream features three layers of praline chocolate, with crispy praline and sumptuous chocolate, stacked with hazelnut and vanilla ice cream, and drizzled in hazelnut sauce. And it costs just £2 a 600ml tub.

Love ice cream as much as we do?

Enter, Haagen Dazs' brand-new winter flavours... Rum Salted Caramel & Biscuit and Irish Whiskey & Chocolate Waffle. Incred, we know.

Combining ice cream and booze, these warming cocktail-inspired ice cream tubs are brand-new for winter, and promise to bring maximum indulgence.

Each flavour is available in a full-sized tub form, as well as smaller sizes. And the best part? They're available now for just £4.99 a tub.

Photo credit: Haagen Dazs
Photo credit: Haagen Dazs
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