Cheryl Hole's makeup transformation is giving us candy queen vibes

Gabrielle Dyer
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK / Alex Hering

From Cosmopolitan

When we get ready for a big night out we go HARD. There’s no denying we’re putting in serious werk and arm strength with our makeup (no pain, no gain amirite?) On a good day we can turn our faces around in roughly 45 mins - but usually, you’re looking at the best part of an hour (or two).

Sound excessive? We’d probably agree if we hadn’t watched the beauties from RuPaul's Drag Race slay with their extensive and intricate makeup routines. These ladies put us to shame. Two minutes contouring your nose? Pfft, try ten.

This week we’re watching mega babe Cheryl Hole transform herself into a literal candy queen. All we have to say is: Take. Notes. Cheryl’s act is (unsurprisingly) inspired by Cheryl Cole, someone she has admired for most of her life. The self proclaimed Gemma Collins of drag is a born and bred Essex girl with a dance degree. Ps: she's utterly hilarious.

So, without further ado, sit back, relax, get the snacks on standby and watch Cheryl expertly beat her face to perfection….

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