Cheryl Cole Tweets Photo From Her Calendar Photo Shoot Of Her New Beehive Hair-Do


We confess girls, we are true Twitter addicts now. Yep, we love a bit of social media and love hearing your thoughts too. And if you don’t follow us then why on earth not? (@Graziabeauty). But more to the point, it was on good ol' Twitter this morning that we spotted something very exciting - Cheryl Cole’s PA Lily England tweeted a photo of the singer being made up for her new calendar complete with a huuuge bee-hive of honey-ombred tresses.

Cheryl's beehive hair

Serious eeks all round. Now we can spot extensions a mile off and can tell you right now that some lovely long weaves have been worked into that barnet to give it all that length and volume. Lily also wrote with the tweet, “The Chezmeister getting made-up for her calendar, which month do you think this should be?”. Well, Grazia Team Beauty reckon Chezza looks suitably autumnal in the picture, so perhaps September might be good? And we have it confirmed that the do is courtesy of Lisa Laudat, Chezza's trusty hair stylist, who has worked all manner of magic in her time.

Now we reckon that being a true L’Oreal girl, Cheryl was hitting the bottle too. Probably in the form of L’Oreal’s Excellence Crème With Pro-Keratin which is extra-nourishing and hydrating. We’re guessing also 5, maybe 6, cans of Elnett Satin Hair Spray to fix the look in place. And maybe even a bit of their new Mythic Oil Colour Glow Oil which we are big fans of and launches this month (keep eyes peeled peeps). Oh Chezza, trust you to look so silky smooth and chic!

Adele and Penelope Cruz have both been working the beehive look too recently

It seems to be that the beehive style is making a bit of a comeback – first it was Adele who debuted the look and then recently Penelope Cruz tried it out at the ‘To Rome With Love’ premiere. Both looked utterly fabulous of course. So who is your favourite peeps? We think Cheryl wins the style-stakes so far but want your thoughts on a postcard please!

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