Chelsea Handler once convinced nun to smoke marijuana

Chelsea Handler has recalled how she once persuaded a nun to try smoking marijuana.

During an interview for The Jennifer Hudson Show that aired on Monday, host Jennifer asked the TV personality whether it was true that she had introduced a nun to weed.

"I got a nun high, yeah that's true," replied Chelsea. "We were filming something and I was like, 'Listen, nuns get a bad rap because they're not fun. Not that everybody who doesn't do drugs (isn't fun). I respect the fact if you've never had a drink, good for you. Everybody should do their own thing. I don't want to be a bad influence on people. I mean, I do, but I can get by without doing that," she continued.

"But yeah, I got a nun to smoke weed and she was so funny when she was high, as so many people are."

Chelsea went on to note that the nun later contacted her via email.

"She sent me an email, we were filming something for my old Netflix show, she sent me an email months later (and she) goes 'I just gotta tell you, I feel like I've loosened up since I've met you.' I said, 'Sister, that is all I'm looking to do!' I just want people to enjoy and relax," the 47-year-old insisted. "If you can relax and enjoy yourself without alcohol or drugs, great! Good for you! I can't."