Chelsea Clinton provides moral support to Demi Lovato — and who knew they were even friends?!

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

There’s a lot of stuff happening in the world today — Donald Trump finally confirming he paid off Stormy Daniels, Charlie Rose now having 27 women accusing him of sexual misconduct, Camille Cosby sounding delusional with her “lynch mob” comments supporting her husband, Bill — but the best thing that happened, bar none, and the thing we most want you to remember about today, is that Chelsea Clinton is a Lovatic.

The former first daughter proved she does more on social media that just artfully clap back at mouth-breathing trolls — and our own president — tweeting unkind comments to her. On Thursday, she became Twitter’s most encouraging BFF, when she responded to a downcast Demi Lovato‘s post about being screwed over by a friend, who is now dead to her.

Chelsea Clinton told Demi Lovato that she does so much more than just exist. (Image: Demi Lovato via Twitter)

After Lovato posted her message, including the F-bomb (hence the blur), Clinton chimed in with encouraging words for the songstress who, Clinton says, brings “good and beauty” to the world.

Followers were surprised to see the support (they’re friends?!), but Lovato knows the Clinton family pretty well. Well, well enough to be with the Clinton campaign on election night in 2016, when Hillary lost in an upset against Trump. (“It was extremely uncomfortable,” Lovato told Rolling Stone last year. “Everyone was devastated.”) Lovato had done lots of campaigning for Hillary. At one event, a fundraiser hosted by Anna Wintour in September 2016, the women took a photo together that Demi shared on Twitter. The caption thanked Chelsea “for your moving words about my work around mental health.” But Lovato was connected to the Clinton family even before the election. She attended Hillary’s 68th birthday party in 2015.

So who has Demi all fired up on Twitter in the first place? Well, she posted two other messages about this so-called friend who has been shading her. There was also a “bye bye b***h” post.

And this:

According to the Blast, Demi is fighting with her one-time friend Marissa Callahan. Apparently, Demi skipped Marissa’s birthday party and Marissa let her disappointment be known online via some social media posts. (Callahan posted “bye bye b***h” prior to Lovato posting it, so Lovato’s was clearly a response.) Demi’s rabid fanbase, the Lovatics, are on the case.

Callahan appeared in Lovato’s 2017 documentary, Simply Complicated, and they discussed getting into drugs in their teenage years. Sounds like that’s the last of Callahan’s appearances on anything Demi-related. But, hey, maybe Chelsea Clinton is available.

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