Chef uses hotel iron to cook up crème brulee, tacos and Teriyaki salmon

Helen Coffey
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Iron kebabs, anyone? (Tiktok/Jago Randles)
Iron kebabs, anyone? (Tiktok/Jago Randles)

An innovative chef made use of his time during lockdown by creating a range of dishes using only the appliances that were to hand in his hotel room: an iron, coffee maker and kettle.

Jago Randles, 23, from Cornwall, shared his unusual cooking videos on Tiktok after being forced to quarantine in Canada.

From his room at Gec Granville Suites Hotel in Vancouver, Randles started his “Isolation Kitchen” channel, in which he manages to cook Teriyaki salmon, kebabs, tacos, burgers, breaded chicken breast, crème brulee and toasted sandwiches, many of which come with accompanying side dishes and sauces.

Since he started sharing the clips on 22 November, Randles has already amassed nearly 90,000 followers and 2.6 million likes, and his videos have been viewed millions of times.

In his latest effort, Randles cooks vegetables in a creamy sauce in a pot on top of the iron, before wrapping prawns in tin foil and “iron cooking” them too. The kettle is used to boil asparagus.

Another innovative recipe sees him make use of the coffee maker’s hot plate to fry an egg, which he adds to the top of a breaded chicken fillet.

The kettle is often used to boil veg or, in one notable video, to cook a custard using the steam, which is then put in the fridge to set before being topped with torched sugar and stewed fruit.

Now out of quarantine, Randles, who travelled to Canada to cook at a hotel in Whistler, a ski resort in British Columbia, said the hotel staff at Gec Granville Suites never reprimanded him for his culinary experimentation.

Although some viewers expressed concern over the hygiene of cooking with the in-room appliances, the videos always show Randles covering the surfaces with baking paper or tin foil.

It comes after another Tiktok user raised eyebrows with a strange cooking technique.

A Southwest Airlines passenger shared a video on social media in which he appeared to cook a steak in an aircraft toilet.

Marcus Monroe, an actor from New York who is also known for his online pranks, uploaded a video of him pulling off the stunt to Tiktok.

“They don’t have hot meals anymore on airplanes, so I came up with a solution,” read the video’s caption, before Monroe appears to light a chafing fuel cannister in the plane toilet, on which he places an aluminium baking sheet.

He pops a piece of meat on top, pours over white wine and even garnishes the meal with a sauce and some fresh spinach taken from a ziplock bag.

However, Southwest has since debunked the idea that the video is real, reports Simple Flying.

Monroe reportedly told them the prank was an illusion and he has since deleted the video from his Tiktok account.

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