This Chef Says We Should Be Adding Ginger Biscuits To Slow Cooker Stews

Anna Lewis

From Delish

We like slow cookers. And we like stews. And we definitely like ginger biscuits. But do we like all three together? Well, we’re about to, according to chef Laura Frankel.

Laura, who is a slow cooker expert, as well as being the author of Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes, swears that if you add gingerbread or ginger biscuits to your slow cooker meat stews and roasts, it will take them up a gear.

She told Seven News: “This is often a secret of slow-cooking pros as the gingersnaps flavour the sauce and gives the pan juices this amazing texture.”

But before you go crumbling an entire gingerbread house into your slow cooker, Laura says a little goes a long way, so only crumble one biscuit in at a time.

Photo credit: Parker Feierbach

We’ll definitely be trying this next time we get the slow cooker fired up.

Laura also says that when cooking meat in your slow cooker, much like your oven, you should always bring it up to room temperature before cooking.

“Room temperature meat is more relaxed and flexible, and the natural juices are evenly distributed.”

And don’t forget to pre-heat your slow cooker, like you would your oven.

“A lot of people will throw in their ingredients and then turn on the slow cooker, but a slow cooker is like a small oven and getting it going for that extra 20 minutes matters a lot,” Laura added to TODAY Food.

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