Chef Jack Monroe Is Asking For Photos Of People's Cupboards To Tell Them What To Cook

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Jack Monroe

From Delish

With supermarket shelves looking as pitiful as they are right now, we could use help we can get with dinner ideas, tbh.

Jamie Oliver is doing his bit with his new show Jamie: Keeping Cooking And Carry On. And fellow chef Jack Monroe is getting involved too, and boy are we grateful!

Jack is asking followers to send photos of what they have in their store-cupboards to help them come up with a plan for what they can have for dinner. Describing it as “Ready Steady Cook meets 28 Days Later”, it's something we never knew we’d need. Until now…

Every day at 5pm, Jack, who goes by @BootStrapCook on social media, is asking you to send your photos with the hashtag #JackMonroesLockdownLarder.

Jack's followers are loving it, and so is Nigella Lawson! The TV chef and cookbook author tweeted: “All hail @BootstrapCook who is doing such a great job answering questions (tagged #JackMonroesLockdownLarder) about what to cook with the random ingredients in your kitchen. I mean, I’m always happy to respond and help - we all are - but the author of #TinCanCook is the One!”

So far, Jack suggested a follower uses granola as a crumble topping as they currently have no milk in the house. “Just bung it on top [of any spare fruit] and blast through the oven until the fruit softens and stews! Failing that, I just graze on it as a snack.”

Plus, the cookbook author even made “past its sell by date lettuce, one & a half leeks, slimy mushrooms, half a thing of cream cheese and some possibly past it’s best fake feta” sound appealing.

Jack suggested that "mushrooms, leeks and cream cheese all together with a little stock makes a brilliant pasta sauce, or topping for mash, baked potato, risotto base. Lettuce is actually great wilted through pasta - add that feta and a bit of lemon.”

What a fabulous public service Jack is doing.

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