Check the loft! 5 surprisingly valuable items which could make you thousands

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Photo credit: AFP Contributor - Getty Images
Photo credit: AFP Contributor - Getty Images

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Are you sitting on a small hidden fortune? From old books to ancient tech, new research has uncovered the surprisingly valuable items which could make you a pretty penny this January.

Vlatka Lake, storage expert from Space Station, has revealed the everyday things you should keep an eye open for in your loft or garage. And, at the top of the list, are the Beanie Babies, which have previously sold for a whopping £350,000.

With many of us spending the new year decluttering, now is the perfect time to locate any gems hiding at home. Take a look at the items to look out for below...

1. Beanie Babies (up to £350,000)

Much-loved Beanie Babies might have been all the rage back in the 90s, but these stuffed toys could land you a small fortune. In fact, a 1997 bear commemorating Princess Diana once sold for £350,000, while other famous figures regularly sell for four-figure sums online. Time to search the loft...

2. Harry Potter books (up to £40,000)

Dust off your Harry Potter collection, as original versions can sell from as little as £200 to over £40,000. They might be taking up space on your bookshelf, but it's worth holding onto them just in case.

Photo credit: AFP Contributor - Getty Images
Photo credit: AFP Contributor - Getty Images

3. Old money (up to £300)

If you haven't already taken your old coppers to the bank, it's worth checking money boxes at home for rare coins.

Vlatka says: "20 pence pieces with no date on them and two pence coins from 1983 with the words 'New Pence' on them, can sell for hundreds of pounds. The old £10 note is due to go out of circulation on 1st March too, so it's worth searching to see if you have any old notes lying around."

4. Lego (up to £7,000)

Lego fans will be pleased to know that their collections could make them £7,000 richer, thanks to old sets selling for thousands online. In fact, the 2007 edition of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon is available on Amazon for more than £7,000 — 20 times its original value. Meanwhile, other rare individual Lego blocks also sell for thousands.

Photo credit: SOPA Images - Getty Images
Photo credit: SOPA Images - Getty Images

5. Tech (up to £500)

Are you a tech whizz with an impressive collection? Well, you could be in luck as many classic games consoles and music devices can sell for big money. Consoles, including the SNES or Nintendo 64, can now sell for several hundreds of pounds, while old iPod Classics are sometimes sold for more than £200.

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