Netflix's Cheat fans are all saying the same thing about Yasmina

the cheat fans are all saying the same thing about yasmina
Cheat fans say same thing about Yasmina Netflix

Forget Sex/Life or Outer Banks, because Netflix fans are obsessed with new Danny Dyer and Ellie Taylor-fronted game show, Cheat. Specifically, they're all saying the same thing about Yasmina, who took part in the first episode of the game.

*Spoilers* If you haven't yet watched Cheat, the gameshow follows contestants who compete for a cash prize of up to £50,000. The competition sees four people taking it in turns to answer general knowledge questions, with each answer adding £1,000 to their prize fund.

But there's a twist. Each contestant is also given the option to cheat, and have the computer secretly reveal the correct answer to them, but they must use their poker face to try and convince their fellow contestants that they haven't cheated.

the cheat fans are all saying the same thing about yasmina

The first episode saw Jess, Devan, Yasmina and Mark compete for the money, with Yasmina eventually being named the winner, despite telling her fellow contestants at the beginning that she wasn't a very good liar.

Viewers were obsessed with the whole thing, praising her for not only saying she didn't have a poker face, but for cheating so much in the first place. "Nah shout out Yasmina for winning this show called the Cheat. Sis cheated her way to the winning £31,000 I love it," one person wrote.

Another put, "How has Yasmina cheated her way to win all that money?! #CheatNetflix" and "Yasmina really cheated all the way to win the money. I’m crying #cheatnetflix" Others said, "Yasmina did that!!!!! I love her fr What a poker face. Actually believed her for most of it ffs."

So good.

Cheat is now streaming on Netflix.

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