This Is the Cheapest Place To Buy Sugar Right Now

Stock up for the holidays without breaking the bank!

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

It seems that every time we go to the grocery store we suffer from sticker shock when we see our totals ring up on the display. Even with some price drops from what we were paying at the beginning of the year, however modest, we can easily be caught off guard when going into the grocery store to grab a few things and leave having spent much more than expected.

With the holiday season at our doorstep and the baking that goes along with it, not to mention recent reports of the possibility of rising sugar prices, we took the time to do some comparison shopping when it comes to finding the best bang for your buck. Our findings about sugar prices at grocery, big box and dollar stores may surprise you.

Which Store Has the Cheapest Sugar Right Now?

We priced granulated sugar based on retailer sites at stores around the Tampa area and other parts of the country on November 13. Here’s what we found:

Cheapest Option: Sam's Club at $0.04/ounce

How Do Other Stores Stack Up?

  • BJ's Wholesale Club: $0.05/ounce

  • Costco: $0.05/ounce

  • Family Dollar: $0.05/ounce

  • Food Lion: $0.05/ounce

  • Kroger: $0.05/ounce

  • Publix: $0.05/ounce

  • Target: $0.05/ounce

  • Walmart: $0.05/ounce

  • Whole Foods Market: $0.07/ounce

  • Trader Joe's: $0.12/ounce

Tips for Saving Money on Sugar

  • Go generic: We found that name brand sugar prices vary by store, but overall were more expensive than generic, so to save the most money, opt for generic when you can.

  • Stick to conventional: Likewise, organic sugar always came in at a higher price than conventional. So if buying organic isn't a big concern for you, reach for the conventional to save the most dough.

  • Beware of sales: Items that are on sale are the most appealing to us when we’re grocery shopping, but be careful there, too. Rather than scooping up that BOGO, take a moment to check and see that it’s really a deal, and how the sale price compares to store brand.

  • Stock up: If you do determine a deal too good to pass up, don’t! According to Utah State University Extension Services, commercial sugars like granulated sugar have an indefinite shelf life; about two years is recommended as a best-by date.

Note: prices may vary from store to store and state to state, so check your local listings for the most accurate price nearest you.

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