Shop smart and cut costs: Get 45 toilet rolls for £12

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Top view of rolls of toilet tissue on pink background
Top view of rolls of toilet tissue on pink background

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We’re living in a very expensive world right now amid the growing cost of living crisis. Prices are higher than they’ve ever been and energy bills are rising. We’re here to help you make savings on everyday essentials by highlighting great deals and bargain bulk buys as we see them.

Due to inflation our average weekly food shop seems to have skyrocketed, even if we're just popping to the shops to pick up a few basics, those additional pounds and pence add up quickly.

While you may already know the joy of shopping affordable supermarkets own brands - yes, we're looking at you Lidl and Aldi - did you know Amazon's own brand could help you save on some great household necessities?

Case in point: 45 rolls of Amazon Brand Presto! 2-Ply Embossed Toilet Tissues Rolls are a mere £12.19 (reduced from £16.37) as a one-off purchase or £11.58 if you subscribe to a two-monthly delivery.

Not since the Great Loo Roll Shortage of March 2020 have we been so thrilled, frankly.

Why we rate it

For starters, nobody really enjoys lugging armfuls of loo roll home from the local shops.

This way you can get the 45 toilet rolls delivered straight to your door, sparing your blushes and your arms.

You'll get five packs containing nine rolls in each, meaning you can distribute the packs between loos (if you're blessed with more than one bathroom) and store the others.

Toilet roll stash a bit low? This could be the deal for you. (Amazon)
Toilet roll stash a bit low? This could be the deal for you. (Amazon)

£12.19 £16.37 at Amazon

And, if you subscribe for regular deliveries, you'll never be caught short again.

Each loo roll has 200 sheets of 2-ply, embossed paper, which is soft and has a cushioned feel.

Plus, it gets bonus eco points for being made from 100% Virgin cellulose that is made from FSC Certified Paper obtained via responsible sources. Our bottoms are rejoicing as we write this.

What the reviews say

The main consensus is that the Amazon Brand - Presto! 2-Ply Embossed Toilet Tissues Rolls are way better quality than most people expected for the price and it has definitely been put to the test with over 20,000 reviews, 72% of which are five-stars, no small accolade.

We've all regretted taking our chances on cheap toilet rolls once or twice before, only to endure tissue-thin sheets of paper that feel bottom-clenchingly rough. Not these rolls though, as the thousands of five-star reviews confirm that they may be small on price, but they're mighty on quality and "value for money".

In fact, some customers compared Amazon's own to other more expensive options, saying that they're "bigger and softer". While others added the rolls are "surprisingly thick" and "soft and strong".

How they compare price-wise

These are an Amazon own-brand, so you won't get an exact replica elsewhere. But we've found some similar-ish rolls for comparison.

Aldi has a 9-pack of the 2-ply Saxon Soft White Toilet Tissue for £1.89. Sure, if you get five packs it'll only be £9.45, but there are only 100 sheets per roll, vs the 200 sheets with the Amazon deal.

Morrison's customers are raving about its Morrisons Quilted Comfort Toilet Tissue £2. But the rolls only come in packs of four. Meaning you'd need to get 11 packs to get 44 of these - and at £22, it's a whole tenner more expensive than Amazon's loo roll.

You can get Cushelle Original Toilet Tissue 30 White Rolls for £11.75 at Tesco. But that's 15 less than the Amazon buy and there are only 180 sheets per roll.

Plus, there's Sainsbury's Super Soft Toilet Tissue, Pure White x9 Rolls £3.30 which offers 220, 2-ply sheets per roll for £16.50.

And then there's Andrex Supreme Quilted, which will set you back £25 for 45 rolls.

So it's clear that Amazon Brand - Presto! 2-Ply Embossed Toilet Tissues Rolls wipes the, er, floor with the competition.

Buy it: Amazon Brand - Presto! 2-Ply Embossed Toilet Tissues - 45 Rolls | £12.19 (Was £16.37) - 26% off

£12.19 £16.37 at Amazon