We Chat To Cara Delevingne At H&M's First Paris Fashion Week Catwalk Show: EXCLUSIVE

The brand that had Paris Fashion Week buzzing tonight? Nope, not Chanel or even Balenciaga. It was high-street hero H&M. The Swedish label showed for the first time ever in the French capital and Grazia was there to witness the extravanganza unfold...

We Talk To Cara Delevingne At H&M's First Ever Catwalk Show During Paris Fashion Week: EXCLUSIVE

H&M's catwalk debut was held at Musée Rodin where they transformed a multiple spaces into a myriad of rooms, including everything from a kids playroom to a futuristic boudoir. Then guests lined said rooms with Hollywood cuties Chloe Moretz and Emma Roberts as well as fashion pros Daisy Lowe and Pixie Lott lining the FROWs. And, of course, there was Anna Dello Russo.

As for the catwalk action, you can check out the highlights in the gallery below, rewatch the show here and we'll be bringing you our report on the Autumn Winter 2013 collection tres soon. But for now, we can tell you that there was one addition to the runway that had us very excited: Ms Cara Delevingne. The Brit model was amongst the leggy likes of Joan Smalls and Daphne Groeneveld who formed H&M's model army and paraded through the rooms looking foxier than ever in a sheer long-sleeved dress that showed off her undies teamed with knee-high black leather boots. 

With all the concern about Cara's workload, we were expecting to meet a fairly dishevelled Ms Delevingne backstage after the show. Instead, as we extracted the hottest model in the world right now from dancing with her girl pals Daisy and Pixie, we were greeted by the glowing and slightly goofy Cara we all know and love. With her luminous skin and chiselled features contorted into those characteristic crazy faces, she talked to us exclusively about her post fashion week plans and her love of Grazia...

We Talk To Cara Delevingne At H&M's First Ever Catwalk Show During Paris Fashion Week: EXCLUSIVE

Grazia Daily: What are you doing after fashion week?
Cara Delevingne: I'm working straight away - first up American Vogue then a ton of other shoots so no rest at all. Nothing at all!

Grazia Daily: How are you keeping going?
Cara Delevingne: I don't know! I think by the end of the year I'm going to turn around and I'll look like I'm 45. All the soul will be sucked out of me! (laughs!)

Grazia Daily: Can we look forward to any news about you music career...?
Cara Delevingne: I've got a ton of stuff coming up in LA as soon as I'm done shooting. I'm meeting with some amazingly cool people so you'll be hearing more news soon.

Grazia Daily: Of course you'll keep Grazia up to date?
Cara Delevingne: Totally! Grazia is my favourite magazine. It's so amazing that I'm on the cover this week.

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