Charlie Watts was a true gentleman, says Alice Cooper

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Charlie Watts credit:Bang Showbiz
Charlie Watts credit:Bang Showbiz

Alice Cooper has hailed Charlie Watts as "one of rock and roll’s true gentlemen".

The Rolling Stones star passed away in a London hospital on Tuesday (24.08.21) at the age of 80, and Alice has paid a glowing tribute to Charlie, describing him as "the greatest pocket drummer of all time".

Alice, 73, said in a statement: "Charlie Watts kept the beat for the world's greatest rock band for over 50 years. I consider him the greatest pocket drummer of all time."

Similarly, Roger Daltrey has described Charlie as a "perfect gentleman", adding that he was "as sharp in his manner of dress as he was on the drums".

The Who star also hailed Charlie as being the "heartbeat" of the "best rock and roll band in the world".

The 'My Generation' hitmaker said: "Charlie was a truly great drummer, whose musical knowledge of drumming technique, from jazz to the blues, was, I'm sure, the heartbeat that made The Rolling Stones the best rock and roll band in the world."

Elsewhere, Stewart Copeland has praised Charlie for having a "unique rhythmic personality".

The 69-year-old musician - who played the drums in The Police - lauded the Rolling Stones star for his distinctive skills, and admitted it's impossible to replicate what Charlie did as a drummer.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Stewart explained: "He's unique, he's irreplaceable. There's only one guy with that sound.

"You can try and figure it out on paper, what made that sound. You could say his kick drum was leading the charge but his backbeat snare was just a little hair behind the beat, and that combination ... You can describe that, but there's only one guy who can do it."