Charli D'Amelio makes surprise confession about relationship with famous sister Dixie

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio have always been seen as two peas in a pod by their millions of fans on TikTok, and now through Charli and Heidi's appearances on Dancing with the Stars.

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However, their relationship always wasn't such smooth sailing, as they explained to Drew Barrymore on her talk show.

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"Switching gears a little bit, I do have two daughters. Sisterly advice: when should I lean in, when should I lean out?" the host asked the family of four.

"We hated each other, like absolutely hated each other," Dixie responded. "All of middle school, until we got into high school together.

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"Then we became best friends. She would come with me to every party on the weekend. It just came out of nowhere though, we would go weeks without talking."

"And we lived [together]. We shared a wall," Charli added, to which Dixie sweetly responded: "Now, I don't remember the last time we've actually argued over anything."

Charli and Dixie revealed they hated each other growing up

The DWTS frontrunner provided an update on their relationship, detailing that they've taken their close bond to the fullest and now are roommates.

"And now we live together, just us two, so it's pretty fun," she said. "I notice, though, the times it gets the most annoying when we fight is when [our parents] chime in."

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Dixie agreed, adding: "When parents get involved in siblings' fights, I think that makes it so much worse," to which Heidi and their father Marc could only nod along.

The idea that the siblings could work it out for themselves without the involvement of their parents immediately got a giant reaction out of Drew, who jumped out of her seat and began cheering.

The two have developed a very close bond since gaining fame

"I'm so excited right now, you don't even understand!" she said to the audience's applause, vindicated in her thought. "I feel the same way, let them work it out, that's my gut instinct."

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