Charles Spencer stuns with gorgeous portrait of late family member

Charles Spencer loves sharing insights inside Althorp House with his followers, and regularly thrills them with glimpses of family portraits.

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On Tuesday, the Earl took to his Instagram Stories to share an old painting of a late family member, Georgina Carteret, the mother of the 1st Earl Spencer. In the portrait, Georgina stood in an elegant flowing black dress and wore a matching hat that would still be fashionable today. In an informing caption, Charles wrote: "Looking up at a Georgina Carteret, mother of the 1st Earl Spencer, in Althorp's Queen Mary room.

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The photo came shortly after the Earl shared a "grim" moment revealing that the grounds had been targeted as a location for fly-tipping.

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The photo showed a groundskeeper removing a jacuzzi and decking that had been dumped in a forested area. It was revealed the perpetrators were caught on camera and the footage was being sent to the police.

The moment did remind Charles of a previous incident, as he recalled: "One of the @AlthorpHouse security team crept up behind a fly tipper a few years back, when he was dumping a mattress in a wood, and came up with the immortal line: 'Thinking of staying the night are we, sir?' The fly tipper took the mattress home with him."


Charles shared a stunning portrait

Last week, Charles shared a poignant photograph of his sister's shrine. Within the grounds of the 500-year-old home, there is a temple which has been erected as a tribute to the late Princess of Wales and it is situated across from the island where her body is buried.

The most recent photograph showed a collection of flowers positioned on a black bench, and Charles captioned the picture: "Flowers kindly left by day visitors to Althorp."

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Above the sombre bench there is a large plaque with a profile silhouette of Diana, flowers and the family crest.

While the public cannot access Diana's private grave which is located on an island in the middle of the Round Oval Lake at Althorp, they are able to pay their respects at the specially made temple, which is where people like to leave flowers, cards and special tributes.

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