Charles Dance feels 'very lucky' to be dating new girlfriend

Charles Dance is full of joy after finding love again credit:Bang Showbiz
Charles Dance is full of joy after finding love again credit:Bang Showbiz

Charles Dance feels "very, very lucky" after finding love with his Italian girlfriend Alessandra Masi.

The 76-year-old 'Game Of Thrones' star met Alessandra, 54, on the set of his film 'The Book of Vision' where she was working as a production manager which was shot on location in both Italy and Belgium.

When asked about his favourite memory of working on the movie, Charles told The Times newspaper: "To be honest, it’s meeting Alessandra."

He went on to reveal she is now living with him a lot of the time, adding "which I’m really pleased about."

Charles was asked whether striking up a romance with Alessandra overshadowed his work on the film, and he replied: "Well, it does a bit. Alessandra’s fantastic. I’m very, very lucky."

The couple are believed to have been together for around three years. Charles was previously married to Joanna Haythorn from 1970 to 2004 and has previously dated actresses Emilia Fox and Sophia Myles.

'The Book of Vision' was shot five years ago but its release was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Charles recalled of the shoot: "It was f****** cold, if I remember rightly," before adding: "In Italy, because of their aesthetic sense, even if the film's s*** it's going to look good."

In a previous interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Charles was asked about what kind of women he's attracted to and he revealed he is drawn to beautiful, independent partners.

He replied: "Beautiful ones! Of course I am being facetious. I like independence, I like strong women, women who survive and thrive in what is still a male-dominated world in most professions. I think that description fits my [exes]."