Changing guard at Buckingham Palace is 'terrible hard' for King

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It is claimed His Majesty is keen for the historic ceremony to be aware of &quot;volume control&quot; <i>(Image: The Household Division)</i>
It is claimed His Majesty is keen for the historic ceremony to be aware of "volume control" (Image: The Household Division)

THEY'RE changing guard at Buckingham Palace…but it seems King Charles is finding it "terrible hard" to contend with.


The iconic “Buckingham Palace” poem…

…by AA Milne, famous for his tales about Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, was written in 1924 "They're changing guard at Buckingham Palace, Christopher Robin went down with Alice. Alice is marrying one of the guard. 'A soldier's life is terrible hard,' says Alice.”


So what’s happening now?

It has been reported that King Charles, who will be coronated on May 6 at Westminster Abbey, has been finding the noise of the changing guard difficult to contend with as he works in the office of his long-term London home, Clarence House, in the grounds of St James's Palace next-door.


How so?

A leaked memo form his equerry's office, reported in The Sun, apparently states: "His Majesty remarked the other day how loud the outgoing sentries were at St James's Palace in the morning. Full marks for vigour and volume, but please could you pass down to those on guard that Clarence House is a residence and so some volume control would be much appreciated by those inside!”


Doesn’t the King live at Buckingham Palace?

Not yet. It is understood he may move into the 775-room abode after its multimillion refurbishment is completed in around four years. But known to be an early riser who works in his nearby Clarence House in the morning, reading briefing documents in his governmental boxes. Sources told the paper the King was not complaining and it was a “gentle request”.


It is a historic ceremony?

Elite soldiers have guarded the monarch since the reign of Henry VII who made the Royal Body Guard a permanent institution which has spanned centuries of history. The Changing the Guard ceremony originally took place at the Palace of Whitehall, which was the Sovereign’s official residence in London until 1698. When the Court moved to St James’s Palace, the ceremony took place there. After Queen Victoria moved into Buckingham Palace in 1837, The Queen’s Guard remained at St James’s Palace, with a detachment guarding Buckingham Palace, as it still does today.


It is an iconic sight?

The guards in their famous bearskin hats and red tunics are indelibly linked with the palace and the British Monarchy. The strength of the Guard itself is now governed by The King’s presence. If the Royal Standard is flying above the Palace, The King is in residence and the number of sentries is increased.


Noisy or not…?

Changing of The King's Guard is a massive tourist magnet, taking place in front of Buckingham Palace at 10.43am and lasting for about 45 minutes. Each year, more than 500,000 people visit the Palace itself during its summer opening, while millions of UK and overseas tourists visit the gates of the palace to witness the ceremony.