Le Volume De Chanel mascara is star of new eye makeup collection - Jeux De Regards

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Chanel is launching a new range of intense eye makeup pieces that includes new, patented mascara wand technology, the 'snowflake' brush, that promises an ultra volumising finish.

The mascara is part of its Jeux De Regards collection and comes in Prune (a deep plummy hint), Bleu (and intense, deep blue) and Noir (darkest black).

To celebrate the launch, Chanel has installed an eye-operating vending machine in Selfridges on Oxford Street, similar to the one that dispensed nail varnishes last September. The idea is that it analyses your eye to decide the most appropriate shade for you.

You can also book in a session with the brand's eye makeup experts to discover how to perfectly accent, shade and define your eyes.

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The range has been developed by Chanel makeup's creative director Peter Philips.

The new snowflake wand is designed with technology to coat the lashes initially with long, stiff bristles and then the more delicate, shorter bristles take over and spread the colour to lengthen, plump and separate lashes.
Chanel promises this new invention will avoid the irritating clumps that even in 2013 makeup technology still struggles to eliminate.

Enriched with a combination of natural waxes, the mascara formula is designed to offer intense colour and a smooth, liquid texture, as well as super boosted volume. Quick-drying Acacia gum helps the mascara coat and stick to the lashes quickly for a long-lasting look.

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The collection also includes two new colour palettes (£38) to create a tone-on-tone look using the new mascaras.

'Fascination' offers a collection of indigo shades that work perfectly with the Bleu and Noir tones, while brown-shaded Séduction offers a warmer choice to compliment both Noir and Prune.
The collection also includes long-lasting eyeliner and creamy long-lasting individual shadow pots.

Needless to say, we'd like one of everything, in every shade.