Challenge Your Grip Strength and Win $2500 with Rogue's 'Suitcase' Barbell Challenge

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Fancy boosting your confidence, testing your strength and having a shot at $2500 (£1800) in the process? Allow strength and conditioning equipment specialist Rogue's 'Suitcase' challenge to whet your appetite.

After all, you're a Men's Health reader who loves a challenge (why else would be here?) — so sink your teeth into this one for a shot at a four-figure cash prize. Before you get started, you'll need two 15kg or 20kg barbells, a set of weight plates and barbell collars. You can also use a weightlifting belt, gym chalk, knee/elbow sleeves and wrist wraps or supports. Additionally, the challenge must be performed in appropriate footwear — do not try it barefoot.

The challenge? To hold the maximum weight possible on a barbell in each hand for 30 total seconds. The winner will be the heaviest load held between both barbells. Here are Rogue's official rules:

  • Max weight held a minimum of 30 seconds, one barbell in each hand.

  • Athletes with the heaviest total load between both barbells will win the contest.

  • Tie breaker: Total hold time over 30 seconds.

  • Note: Athletes may make as many attempts during their challenge video as they would like. Video submissions may not exceed 10 minutes in length.

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First-place athletes will win $2500 (£1800) and a Rogue Anvil Grip, second-place wins $1000 (£722) and a Rogue Dinnie Ring Set; and third-place wins a $500 (£361) and a Rogue Dinnie Ring Set.

The challenge starts on Friday, July 16th at 2pm BST and closes at Monday, July 19th at 1AM BST. Entry cost is $10 (£7.23), with anyone over 14-years-old eligible to enter. Let's get after it!

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