Comedian Celeste Barber just roasted Kylie Jenner and she's all of us

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Photo credit: Instagram @celestebarber @kyliejenner
Photo credit: Instagram @celestebarber @kyliejenner

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Comedian, writer, and actress Celeste Barber has made a name for herself by wryly recreating celebrities' social media posts, "Instagram vs Reality" style. Her tongue-in-cheek posts often start with an impossibly beautiful female celebrity doing something random, and then Celeste recreates the scene with an "everywoman" approach, right down to the outfits and the poses. If you're not already familiar, prepare to snort-laugh. The woman has got style.

The latest in her lineup? None other than a certain Kylie Jenner. Celeste's Instagram video starts with footage of Kylie wearing a bikini upside down, body and face snatched to the heavens, spraying herself allover with high-shine SPF from her Kylie Skin range.

Watch: Celeste Barber Has No Interest In Being An "It Girl"

Then it cuts to Celeste, who is wearing a normal bikini, but backwards, and spritzing herself with a plastic gardening spray bottle on an overcast day (loool). She pauses, squints at the camera (as if waiting to transform into an oiled-up Jenner goddess), and then throws her hands up in defeat when nothing happens. I'm laughing.

Celeste's post is captioned, "BREAKING - Using Jenner/Kardashian products will not make you look like one." Why did I have the exact same feeling when dousing myself in Paris Hilton's perfume, aged 13, and didn't immediately morph into a sexy, grown socialite?

Here's Celeste's video:

The Kardashian-Jenners may not be everyone's cup of tea, but with 214 million followers, it's safe to assume that Kylie's glamorous bikini-clad pics may leave some adoring fans feeling a little jealous by comparison. That's where the genius of Celeste's posts comes in.

It's as if Auntie Celeste exists online to give us a reassuring virtual pat on the hand, and say "Look, sweetheart, not everyone looks like these women, or has their lifestyle, and that's perfectly okay." She somehow manages to celebrate our differences through comedy, without vilifying the women she parodies. We love to see it.

Here's her flawless take on Kim K's latest string bikini:

And one of her OG posts that deserves applause:

Honestly, what a gift

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