All The Celebs At The Golden Globes Were Literally Dying To Meet Jenna Ortega

jenna ortega
Celebs Are Obsessed With Meeting Jenna OrtegaGetty Images

Jenna Ortega showed up at the 2023 Golden Globes looking impeccable in a pleated nude gown, and everyone was pretty much immediately starstruck. To be clear, we’re not talking about the hoards of fans waiting next to the red carpet. We’re talking about the hoards of celebrities on the red carpet with Jenna who were basically lining up to get pictures with her.

Like, here’s Jenna posing with Selena Gomez (shout-out to whoever runs the Golden Globes’ Twitter for this RARE joke):

Here’s Jenna with Margot Robbie, whose face is pretty much what mine would be if we were taking a picture with her, so:

And here’s Anya Taylor-Joy chatting with Jenna — although tragically the person filming it didn’t get that close to their convo:

Aside from chilling with her celeb fans, Jenna spent time on the red carpet chatting with Variety about Lady Gaga re-creating the viral Wednesday dance. 'A long time ago, I worked with a hairdresser who used to work with her,' Jenna recalled. 'And I had just seen Lady Gaga in Boston, in concert, a couple years before, and she had made me a video saying, "Hey, Jenna, I heard you’re a fan." It was a really, really sweet video.'

Jenna said she 'doubts' Gaga 'even remembers or has any idea who I was back then', but that 'to see her do that now, it was kind of one of those moments that you acknowledge changes really fast, and it’s really crazy'.

In case you somehow missed Gaga’s ya go:

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