Celebrity Trainer Magnus Lygdback Shared His Diet to Lose Weight and Get Ripped

Personal trainer Magnus Lygdback has worked with the stars of some of Hollywood's biggest movies. He got Ben Affleck into fighting shape ahead of playing Batman, helped Gal Gadot transform into Wonder Woman, progammed a nutrition and fitness plan that enabled Alicia Vikander to pack on muscle for the Lara Croft reboot, coached James McAvoy through his "Beast" body transformation, and turned romcom heroine Mackenzie Davis into a super-soldier for Terminator: Dark Fate.

Lygdback frequently shares insights from these actors' workouts and diet plans on his YouTube channel, but in his most recent video, he instead shares how he approaches weight loss in his own life by revealing what he eats on an average day, and offers up the nutrition advice he has found most useful for burning fat and building lean muscle without being too restrictive in his food choices.

"My philosophy is that I eat clean and on point 17 meals out of 20, then I enjoy life 3 out of 20" says Lygdback, who eats 5 meals a day as standard.

Breakfast is a 3-egg omelet with tomatoes, cheese, herbs, and pesto. Around 3 or 4 hours later he has his second meal, a protein shake made with 40 grams of whey protein powder. "You don't have to do protein powders if you don't want to," he says. "For me, it is super easy, super simple since I'm on the go, and this way I also know I'm getting my 40 grams of protein, and no fat and no carbs."

For lunch, Lygdback eats a green salad with smoked salmon, celery, carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, avocado, and hazelnuts. In addition to being a protein source, the salmon (along with the avocado and nuts) will provide fuel in the form of fats. Lygdback follows this with a high protein snack of yogurt, walnuts, and cinnamon.

Dinner consists of grilled steaks, broccoli, sprouts, and sweet potato. Lygdback adds that you don't need to eat red meat to get your protein, and that chicken, fish and tofu are good sources too.

"As you can tell, I don't really restrict myself from good food," he says. "Everyone can eat good food and lose body fat."

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