A Celebrity Trainer Coached His Neighbours Through a Superhero Transformation Programme

Magnus Lygdback has worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, creating tailored training and nutrition programs to get the likes of James McAvoy and Gal Gadot in shape for movies. In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Lygdback turns his attention to people with more ordinary lifestyles—people in his local community—and challenges them to get into the best physical shape possible in just one month.

To do this, his neighbours take on the workouts and meal plans Lygdback used to help Ben Affleck and Alexander Skarsgard pack on lean muscle for Justice League and The Northman respectively. They all train together each Sunday, but they will then be responsible for their own individual workouts during the week.

After a warmup on the assault bike and treadmill, a typical lower body session would consist of goblet squats banded side walks, ice skaters, leg press and lunges. "The quality of the set matters more than the length of the rest," Lygdback advises. For upper body, he demonstrates the correct technique on lat pulldowns, incline bench press, rolling knee tucks, rotating arm lifts, tricep pushdowns, and skullcrushers.

"I've gotten really strong, which is nice, things that I could only do one of, I'm doing 20 of, which is amazing," says one of the group after 30 days. "I've lost about 15 pounds in the last four weeks... Everything else is just progress. It's being stronger, feeling good, doing things that I could never do before, which honestly is a win in my book."

"The physical appearance is one thing, but what I've seen is the shift mentally and energy-wise in a lot of you as well, which has been the coolest change," says Lygdback. "The physical aspect is just a nice little side effect."

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