These Celebrity Looks From the Early Aughts Are So Good, We'd Wear Them Today

aThe fashion world might be obsessed with all things related to the wild and excessive '80s, but dressing like your favorite 2000s star is about to be more than just a fun idea you've pinned to your Halloween Pinterest board. The iconic aesthetic from the early aughts started creeping back into our lives on the Spring '19 runways with midriff-baring crop tops, hip-cleavage-revealing jeans, and metallic hardware having gone through a transformation. With your teenagehood fashion favorites shaping up to be grown-up, contemporary, fresh, and modern pieces we're itching to get our hands on, we thought now would be the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane for some inspiration.

Sure, our finest sartorial choices might not have happened in the early aughts, but that doesn't mean we'll make the same mistakes again. And, as it turns out, celebrities like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Tracee Ellis Ross, and even Kate Middleton wore outfits that we'd double tap in an instant if we saw them on our grid. So, read on to see all the looks circa 2000 that we'd wear today in a heartbeat, and get ready to feel nostalgic for this pretty epic era.


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