Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Four Housemates Face Eviction

EntertainmentWise14 January 2013
WENN/Channel 5
WENN/Channel 5

Despite Rylan and Claire already heading for the public vote, tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother saw all the housemates, apart from Heidi and Spencer, nominate.

And it is Speidi (Heidi and Spencer) and Lacey Banghard who will face eviction with Rylan and Claire, with one housemate leaving on Wednesday.

Heidi and Spencer had been living in the basement since last Wednesday, watching the housemates every move until Friday.Then they were released but not before they were asked to nominate two housemates and they chose Claire and Rylan.

Tonight saw the remaining housemates finish off the nomination list starting with Neighbours star Ryan who opted to nominate Heidi and Spencer and Razor. He chose Razor because of his snoring and Heidi and Spencer for not clearing up.

Following the huge argument between Speidi and the rest of the house upon their return on Friday, it is unsurprising the American duo will face the public vote. In fact every single housemate nominated the couple, with most citing their laziness as the main reason with Gillian adding that a “certain atmosphere” had been created following their return.

Lacey was nominated by 6 of the housemates: Tricia, Frankie, Rylan, Razor, Claire and Gillian who cried at having to nominate the model. She was most nominated for being a bit “crude” and “annoying.” Big Brother gathered the housemates on the sofa to tell them the results and also informed the housemates on how many people had nominated them.

Heidi and Spencer applauded their nomination; obviously aware they were going to be up. A slight look of shock passed over Heidi’s face when Big Brother annouced however they still smiled through.

Lacey also took her nomination in good grace, claiming she “wasn’t bothered”. Speidi tried to stir the situation, claiming the other women were jealous of her youth.

So who do you think will go this week? Rylan, Claire, Lacey or Heidi and Spencer? And who do you want to see stay?

Remember when this all began and the housemates were divided... 



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