What Celebrities, World Leaders And Fans Have Said About The Queue For Queen's Lying-In-State

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Photo credit: Anadolu Agency - Getty Images
Photo credit: Anadolu Agency - Getty Images

Celebrities, world leaders and fans alike have been paying their respects to Queen Elizabeth II by going to view Her Majesty's coffin as it lies in state at Westminster Hall.

The occasion has seen some people queuing for as long as 19 hours, while others controversially - notably some politicians and TV figures - have skipped the line.

Her Majesty died on Thursday, September 8 at Balmoral Castle, aged 96, following a 70 year reign - the longest of any British Monarch.

Amongst those who have queued to see the Queen, in a line that's stretched five miles across London, are the likes of David Beckham, Tilda Swinton and Sharon Osbourne.

Photo credit: Anthony Devlin - Getty Images
Photo credit: Anthony Devlin - Getty Images

The high number of well-wishers waiting in line led the government to announce on Saturday that entry to Westminster Hall had been paused for new joiners. It came shortly after we received confirmation that Queen Elizabeth II's grandchildren would hold a 15-minute vigil at the hall on Saturday evening.

People are able to queue to see the Queen up until the day of the funeral at 6.30am.

Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images
Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images

Ahead of the last day of national mourning, we've rounded up the best comments people have made about the queue to view the Queen's coffin.

Here's what people are saying about the queue for the Queen's lying-in-state:

What have celebrities and world leaders said about the queue for the Queen's coffin?

Speaking to ITV News, Beckham said: 'I was so lucky I was able to have a few moments in my life to be around Her Majesty.'

He revealed he'd joined the queue at 2am, saying: 'I thought by coming at 2am it was going to be a little quieter. I was wrong.'

Explaining his decision to queue for the Queen, he said: 'I grew up in a household of royalists and I was brought up that way, so if my grandparents would have been here today, I know that they would have wanted to be here.'

The 47-year-old father-of-four added: 'I’m here on their behalf and on the behalf of my family and obviously to celebrate with everybody else here.'

'It’s a sad day but it’s a day for us to remember the incredible legacy she’s left.'

A viral clip taken by BBC News reporter Tanya Hines showed Beckham nearing Victoria Tower Gardens when one fan asked to take a picture with him. He declined, explaining: 'Sorry I can’t hold the line up.'

Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow, announced she was giving away her guest tickets in a ballot for her Walthamstow constituents to enter.

MPs are given special access to Westminster Hall to pay respects to the Queen, and can bring in up to four guests.

Good Morning Britain host and journalist Susanna Reid wrote on Twitter: 'Evening - along with my lovely mum and her very good friend, I have just experienced a moment in history - witnessing the Queen lying in state in Westminster Hall. At once majestic and peaceful [sic].'

What have fans/the general public said about the queue for the Queen's coffin?

Reacting to Beckham in particular, one fan tweeted: 'Always knew David Beckham was a good guy but the respect he has shown to both the British people and the Royal Family by joining the queue and then quietly paying his respects to the Queen. What a man!! [sic].'

Novelist and journalist Tony Parsons wrote: 'David Beckham joined the queue to see the Queen's coffin at 0145 am Friday morning. If he looks like a man who has been up all night - he has. Full credit to this man who could have played the VIP card. He is a credit to our nation, and his Queen. [sic]'

Others have reacted more generally and also more humorously about the Britishness of an orderly queue of this length. We've rounded up some of best reactions here:


Did the royal family see the queue for the Queen's coffin?

Prince Harry and Prince William, the newly appointed Prince of Wales, joined a silent vigil held by the Queen’s grandchildren on Saturday.

They were accompanied by their cousins Zara Tindall and Peter Philips, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, and Lady Louise Windsor and Viscount Severn.

The brothers, dressed in uniform, stood guard at the Queen's lying in state in Westminster Hall as mourners filed past in the queue.

What do we know about the Queen's burial?

Her Majesty's State Funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey on Monday September 19 at 11am. She will later be buried with her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh in King George VI’s chapel in Windsor Castle, during a private family service at 7.30pm.

She will also be next to her father King George VI and mother, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

The State Hearse being used at The Queen’s funeral is new, designed by The Royal Household and Jaguar Land Rover. She was consulted on the plans.

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