These celebrities were missed off the Oscars' In Memoriam segment

these celebs were missed off the oscars' in memoriam segment
These celebs were missed off Oscars' In MemoriamPATRICK T. FALLON - Getty Images

As many of us woke up this morning, we flocked to social media to catch up on what's arguably the biggest night in the celeb world: the Oscars. From ogling at all the show-stopping looks to seeing Rihanna's growing baby bump on the red carpet, there's been so much to catch up on from last night's ceremony.

And one thing in particular that's got a lot of attention is the Oscars' In Memoriam segment, which missed off some pretty notable faces.

ICYMI, John Travolta took to the stage to introduce the montage, which each year gives fans and celebrity friends a moment to mourn all those who've been lost since the previous ceremony. Celebrities featured in the 2023 In Memoriam segment included Dame Olivia Newton John, who recently passed away after a long battle with breast cancer, as well as Goodfellas star Ray Liotta and Beauty and the Beast's Dame Angela Lansbury.

But viewers took to social media to point out that some celebrities were missing from the In Memoriam segment, including Anne Heche, who died at the age of 53 after a car crash in August. "Anyone else notice Anne Heche was left out of the In Memoriam?" one person tweeted, as another wrote: "Was Anne Heche left off the In Memoriam?"

these celebs were missed off the oscars' in memoriam segment
Dame Olivia Newton John’s co-star and long-time friend, John Travolta, introduced the In Memoriam segment.Kevin Winter - Getty Images

Other celebrities that were noticeably missing from the In Memoriam montage included Lisa Marie Presley, who died earlier this year, as well as Leslie Jordan, Paul Sorvino and Tom Sizemore.

Charlbi Dean was another famous face that viewers pointed out was not included in the segment, despite appearing as the lead actress in one of this year's Best Picture-nominated films, Triangle of Sadness, opposite Woody Harrelson. Dean tragically passed away in August at the age of 32 after a brief battle with bacterial sepsis.

Although there were a handful of celebrities not featured in this year's In Memoriam, Heche, Sorvino and Dean have all been memorialised on the Oscars' website – which was linked through to at the end of the segment with a QR code. Their tributes will remain on the site for the next year.

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