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Jennifer Aniston 

How does Jen An stay looking so radiant and youthful? Water and sleep. The former ‘Friends’ star also urges women not to use too many products. You heard it here first, ladies. [Photo: PA/Getty/Yahoo Style UK]

Celebrities That Appear Age-Proof (And Their Beauty Secrets)

Anyone who has watched ‘Stranger Things’ will attest to the fact that the series’ female star, Winona Ryder, hasn’t aged a day since we saw her play another form of crazy in ‘Girl, Interrupted’ a whopping 17 years ago. In fact, it’s all anyone could talk about on Twitter. 

But Winona’s not the only star that still looks exactly the same over a decade later. There are numerous Hollywood starlets that appear to have cracked the secret to fighting ageing - at least externally. 

Above, the celebrities that have clearly been drinking from the fountain of youth.