Celebrations trolls customers with surprise in chocolate advent calendar

Sabrina Barr
Celebrations advent calendar: Wilko

Confectionery brand Celebrations has hilariously trolled its customers with the chocolates offered behind the first two doors of its advent calendar.

On 1 December, those who had purchased the Celebrations advent calendar eagerly opened the first door to see which chocolate they would receive on the first day of the month.

Many were highly dismayed to discover that the beginning of their Christmas season was to be marked by a Bounty, one of the most divisive chocolates in the Celebrations collection.

On 2 December, those who dislike the coconut-based milk chocolate were in for further disappointment when yet another one was unveiled behind the second door of the advent calendar.

Several customers vented their frustration on Twitter, with one person describing the reveal of two Bountys as the “worst start to December ever”.

“The person who decided to put Bountys in the first two days of the Celebrations calendar needs to be sacked,” one person tweeted.

“The first door on the Celebrations calendar being a Bounty is like some sort of cruel joke, like hope you weren’t banking on a good start to the month,” another remarked.

While several people expressed the opposing view that they like Bountys, Celebrations rubbed further salt in the wound by sharing a series of Bounty-inspired illustrations on Twitter.

“Fuming? We got you,” one tweet read, alongside an illustration of a Bounty dressed as a firefighter and using a water hose.

“You get a bounty, you get a bounty, EVERYBODY GETS A BOUNTY!” another tweet read, referencing Oprah Winfrey’s infamous “Everybody gets a car!” quote from the season premiere of her talk show in 2004.

The Mars-owned confectionery company later abated some people’s fears by revealing that a Mars chocolate is on “the rescue” within the advent calendar.

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