Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins star fights off fierce competition in final hurdle

Gareth Gates triumphs as he faced off Matt Hancock and Danielle Lloyd in final three

Gareth Gates, Matt Hancock and Danielle Lloyd made the final task (Channel 4)
Gareth Gates, Matt Hancock and Danielle Lloyd made the final task (Channel 4)

What did you miss?

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins star Gareth Gates has won the gruelling series as he was named the only recruit to pass the course.

Ahead of completing the course, he told the cameras: "When I was a 17 year old boy I entered a TV talent show, I made the final but didn’t win. It was hard at the time, 20 years on I wanted to prove to myself I am strong. That I can make it right down to the end. Hopefully even win!"

Gates - whose stutter was made worse by SAS - triumphed as he fought off fierce competition with fellow finalists MP Matt Hancock and mum-of-five Danielle Lloyd in the final task.

Athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton and former Love Island star Teddy Soares were booted out of the process earlier on in the episode.

Determined, the dad revealed it was his daughter who spurred him on to the final. He said: "Whenever I'm in a dark place i think of my daughter’s face saying ‘you can do this daddy’. My main source of inspiration."

Gates pulled off a phenomenal performance in the process (Channel 4)
Gates pulled off a phenomenal performance in the process (Channel 4)

What, how and why?

After relentless interrogation and demanding tasks, Gates was named the Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins champion.

“Congratulations number 7 you passed this course, enjoy that moment,” the celebrity was told by the DS.

In the lead up to the win, Gates joined Hancock and Lloyd in another set of gruelling tasks that tested both their mental and physical strength.

The final challenge replicated conflict under fire as the stars had to carry heavy kit while trudging through water. "I wouldn't have entered this course if I wasn't in it until the end," Gates said.

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Gates went to great efforts (Channel 4)
Gates went to great efforts (Channel 4)

Hancock echoed his thoughts with his words: "I'm not a quitter. I wouldn't be here if I was. No point signing up for this unless you give it your all."

Lloyd also documented her sheer determination, saying: "I am the person that will keep on going. I won't be the strongest but I will give it my all."

Nail-biting scenes then saw the recruits face a test of grit and determination where they had to hang above the ground only holding onto a monkey bar before they break while being timed by the DS.

Danielle Lloyd struggled with the final challenge (Channel 4)
Danielle Lloyd struggled with the final challenge (Channel 4)

Soaking wet, deprived of sleep, the finalists were asked to find the heart to win the process - and Gates did.

The pop star hung onto the bar for one minute and twenty seconds - lingering on for ten seconds longer than Hancock.

In a piece to camera, the MP admitted: “I’m pretty competitive - competing against myself to do the best I possibly can.”

Unfortunately for Lloyd she slipped at the final hurdle. The mum-of-five was unable to get proper grip on the bar and she fell straight away while facing her biggest fears.

Lloyd carried heavy kit while trudging through water (Channel 4)
Lloyd carried heavy kit while trudging through water (Channel 4)

“My biggest fear is heights. All I can do is try my hardest,” she said. “I physically couldn’t have pushed myself any more than I have.”

She had said earlier in the episode: "I have been through five childbirths they’re going to have to do a lot to break me down."

The DS praised the star recruits for their efforts in the process. “F***ing good effort all of you, stand proud,” he said before naming Gates the winner.

What else happened on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins?

The episode opened with the recruits being tasked with remembering back stories while facing a grilling interrogation.

Awake for more than 22 hours, surviving on small amounts of food and water, the stars were interrogated first on their own.

It is at this point in the process that number 3 Soares broke down and shared that his cover story was not true - costing him his place in the show.

The former Love Island star was the 12th celebrity to be eliminated from SAS. The Umpire told him: “This phase is over for you. You broke the cover story too early.”

As he handed over his armband, Soares responded: "I thought I did everything alright."

They concluded Gareth Gates had passed the process (channel 4)
They concluded Gareth Gates had passed the process (channel 4)

After solo interrogation, Hancock was punished for antagonising the interviewers.

All the stars were held in stress positions and subjected to distressing sounds - including babies crying - in a box between questioning.

Next the celebrities faced interrogation in pairs: Hancock was partnered with Shakes-Drayton while Gates teamed up with Lloyd.

Chilling scenes see the interrogators force the MP to pour ice cold water over the athlete - sparking a confession that she’s being trained by the British Armed Forces.

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Hancock doesn’t miss out on the icy bath as they tip the bucket over his head and grill him about the people he has let down in the past.

The politician had no fears about being interrogated as it is something he has already experienced.

He told the piece to camera: "I’ve been interrogated in the most aggressive way by people. Have you met Piers Morgan?"

Following the grilling, number 6 Shakes-Drayton broke down in tears when the umpire asked to see her to tell her the phase was over for her.

Then ahead of interrogation alongside Lloyd, Gates had a confession about the abuse he has faced in the spotlight.

In a piece to camera, he said: "I have verbal abuse almost every day of my life. I’m certainly hardened to that. I’m really not looking forward to the interrogation but over the years I’ve had lots of experience of it."

Heartbreaking scenes saw Lloyd cry as she poured ice cold water over Gates. "What a b**** you are," the interrogator said to her.

It was after the bucket was poured over her head that the glamour model broke the cover story. "We’re working here doing training," she said.

The interrogators were impressed with their performance, concluding: "Gareth and Danielle smashed it out the park."

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