Celeb Bake Off Kickstarted With Some VERY NSFW Biccies Last Night

Celeb Bake Off Kickstarted With Some VERY NSFW Biccies Last Night

Hooray! Celebrity Bake Off is finally back on our screens! But we have to tell you… we think this year’s series should come with an ‘adult content’ warning because even after just one episode, we’re blushing.

Last night, this year’s The Great Celebrity Bake Off For Stand Up To Cancer premiered on Channel 4, and two of the four celebs competing in the first leg of the baking show ‘accidentally’ (yeah right!?) made some very NSFW biscuits.

First up, TV presenter Emma Willis baked biscuits that were meant to look like adorable little elephant faces. Well guess what…they looked nothing like elephants and, in fact, looked a lot more like, well, you decide…

When presenter Matt Lucas (who is also competing on this year’s series) walked up to Emma’s bench as she was making her Viennese biscuits, he commented, “Now you call these elephants… they don't only remind me of elephants.”

In an attempt to make them look less phallic, Emma added tucks but that just kind of made things worse, tbh.

Despite this, Emma was awarded not only a Paul Hollywood handshake but also Star Baker!

But she wasn’t the only dirty celebrity in the tent last night. Actor Blake Harrison – who is best known for playing Neil in Inbetweeners – made viewers gasp with his icing depiction of Paul and Prue Lieth wrestling.

For his Showstopper bake, which saw the bakers create their own choux pastry sculptures that represented a secret talent they had, Blake’s MMA-inspired cake featured icing versions of Prue and Paul in a triangle choke hold position.

But, I mean, come on… that’s not what that looks like, is it?

Following the episode, Blake was quick to take to Twitter and defend his creation, and even tagged UFC fighter Paul Craig for support.

“It's a triangle choke guys. Grow up yeah?! Tell em @PCraigmma,” he tweeted.

And as if these two dirty bakes weren’t enough to make you blush, at one point judge Prue said while she was talking about eclairs, “Quite often I need two holes, so that I can squirt. If you squeeze the bag, and when you meet that little bit of resistance, that means it's full.”

That’s it – I’m done.