Cave Chamber In Gibraltar Opened After 40,000 Years

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Scientists in Gibraltar have discovered a chamber in a cave that had remained sealed for 40,000 years.

The excavations at Vanguard Cave in the Gorham’s Cave Complex World Heritage Site has revealed a 13-metre antechamber that has remained unknown since prehistoric times. Initial surface finds discovered by experts from the Gibraltar National Museum include the remains of lynx, hyena, and Griffon vulture, as well as scratch marks on the walls from an unidentified carnivore.

A large whelk, which must have been transported there by a predator, was also found, the organisation announced Friday (24Sep2021). Commenting on the discovery, Minister for the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Education John Cortes said: “These are exciting finds that open a new chapter of our rich history. Knowing Vanguard cave well, I often wondered what might lie behind the sands. Now we are beginning to get a first glimpse”.

The work in this chamber will now continue with the prospect of exciting finds that have remained sealed for over 40 thousand years.

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