Cats Are Already Wreaking Havoc On The Nation's Christmas Trees

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If there’s one thing that any cat owner knows, it’s that come Christmas, not much stands between their curious moggy and the glistening new tree-turned-playground that’s been constructed in the living room corner.

There are mirrored baubles, blinking lights, plenty of branches to climb and foliage to hide behind – it’s basically feline paradise.

And this year, despite it being a nightmarish pandemic-filled 2020, the nation’s cats are back to business. Baubles are being swiped off branches, lights are being chomped right through and the trees themselves are under heavy investigation. In some cases, they’re being destroyed completely.

Here’s the evidence that moggy mayhem has already begun.


People Are Putting Their Christmas Trees Up In November – Because 2020

Owners initially find them sweet and angelic, sat amid the branches and twinkling lights...

But when the Christmas tree meows, you know all hell is about to break loose.

No twinkling light or bauble is safe.

Your tree could end up on the floor.

And after all the hard work is done, a nap on the tree skirt is always welcome.

You can’t stay mad forever.


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