Catherine, Princess of Wales gives Prince William a cheeky tap at the BAFTA Film Awards

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Catherine, Princess of Wales cheekily tapped Prince William on his behind as they walked the red carpet at the BAFTA Film Awards on Sunday.

The couple exchanged a few words on the red carpet as Catherine, 41, subtly gave William, 40, a light tap on his bottom, marking a rare PDA moment for the royals.

The tap was captured in an Instagram video by Vogue staff, who wrote in the playful caption, "Princess Kate gave Prince William a love tap as they arrived to the 2023 #BAFTAs, proving that royals really are just like us- a regular husband and wife that sometimes like to cop a feel."

In response to the couple's exhibition of affection in public, royal fans took to Instagram and expressed their thoughts, with one user commenting, "That's cute," and another person agreeing and stating, "Love this."

Some others shared their playful reactions, such as, "Did Kate just smack William's butt? Cheeky!" and "A good ole smack on the a**e."

The ceremony marked the first time William, the president of BAFTA, and Catherine had appeared at the Film Awards in person since 2020.

During the show, the Prince of Wales appeared to get emotional as Dame Helen Mirren paid tribute to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, following her death in September 2022.

"In 1953, her coronation broadcast had the world watching, from that time, she was unquestionably the nation's leading lady, but as mysterious as a silent film star," said Mirren, who portrayed The Queen in the 2006 film of the same name. "Her Majesty was front row for it all.

"Cinema at its best does what Her Majesty did effortlessly - bring us together and unite us through a story. Your Majesty, you were our nation's leading star. On behalf of BAFTA, thank you for all that you have done for our film and television industry."

The 2023 BAFTA Film Awards took place at London's Royal Festival Hall.