Cathedral City's Cheese Bites Are Gooey AF

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Photo credit: Snack Reviews / Daniel Christopher Chubb
Photo credit: Snack Reviews / Daniel Christopher Chubb

Chances are if it involves cheese, we're in. So when we discovered that the cheese makers of all cheese makers (aka Cathedral City) had launched a brand-new range in partnership with Iceland, we couldn't help but let you guys know.

First and arguably most impressive, is the brand's cheese bites. Yes, cheese bites! We're talking bite-sized pieces of breadcrumb coated mature cheddar and creamy mozzarella, warmed up in the oven, making every bite as gooey as the last.

The cheese bites, which come with approximately 15 in a pack, will set you back just £3 from Iceland and they'd make the perfect dinner party appetiser (or treat yourself snack).

As well as these insanely delicious cheese bites, you can also get your hands on ready-to-heat mac 'n' cheese, cauliflower cheese, cheesy mash and cheesy flatbread. Race you to Iceland?

If you're a big fan of anything cheesy like us, then you'll love Marks & Spencer's melt-in-the-middle cheese fondants too.

On sale for just £3.50, these fluffy textured, extra mature cheddar cheese parcels take just 20 minutes in the oven, before they're ready to be sliced open and ooze melted cheese.

The perfect festive starter and an even better just because treat, it's fair to say we're going to be needing more than just the one pack...

Photo credit: Marks & Spencer
Photo credit: Marks & Spencer

And it doesn't stop there, M&S is selling all sorts of cheesy items including an Alpine cheese fondue! A deliciously stretchy fondue made with a handful of cheeses including Gruyère and Emmental, along with white wine and garlic.

Talk about the perfect cheese dip?

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