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Save up to 50% on cat scratching mats, posts and more at Amazon — but only 'til midnight

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These sale prices are purrrfect. (Photo: Amazon) (Photo: Amazon)

With all the early Black Friday sales happening now, it's important not to forget one crucial member of your family: your cat. Luckily, Amazon is here to help with a one-day sale on popular cat gear. Scratching posts, hammocks, bowls and more from Fukumaru are all marked up to 50% off right now. Stock up for your furry friend today, so you can check them off your list.

Ditch your ratty old bowls in favor of this sleek set. It has a 15-degree tilt to make it easier for your cat to eat, and features a pair of two-pound bowls that are designed to stay in place, even with messy eaters.
$26 at Amazon

"They seem much more ergonomic for the furry one, she seems to dig them quite a bit," said a happy customer. "She likes to rub her paws on the floor next to her dishes to mark her territory and with bowls that sat on the floor, you can imagine it would cause a mess, especially with her water. These make it so that she can run away and never disrupt her water or food, which is worth its weight in gold."

Got a scratcher? Save your furniture with this wall-mounted scratching post and perch. It's covered in jute for durability and provides different levels for your cat to climb.
$28 at Amazon

"Worked perfect for our needs," said a five-star fan. "Frees up floor space where his perch used to be."

This 23.6 by 15.7 mat is crafted from natural sisal for durability and maximum scratch potential. It can also serve as a play mat and sleeping mat. Anti-skid latex on the bottom helps keep it stationary.
$15 at Amazon

"Carpet saver!" said a relieved reviewer. "I got this item in an attempt to save our carpets from one of our cats. We recently combined two households, and one cat was not accustomed to living with carpeting. It soon became apparent that, while she still would use a scratching post on occasion, she simply saw carpeting as a sea of opportunity, so to speak. As soon as I unboxed this item and put it down, all I had to do was get her attention by scratching on it lightly with my fingernails. She just ran over and started using it right away! Sometimes I will sprinkle a little catnip/silvervine on it to increase her interest but it really hasn't been necessary. She just loves it!"

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