Casualty nurse Siobhan’s STRONG opinions on Patrick - in quotes!

 Casualty's Siobhan gives Patrick short shrift. .
Casualty's Siobhan gives Patrick short shrift. .

Casualty has had a few personnel changes recently, and not all of them are popular with the staff of BBC1’s medical drama.

In System Failure (aired on BBC1, Saturday 23 March 2024 and now available on BBC iPlayer) it became crystal clear that Holby ED’s divisive new clinical lead Patrick Onley hadn’t endeared himself to clinical nurse manager Siobhan McKenzie (Melanie Hill).

While this was the first time viewers had witnessed Patrick’s management style, Siobhan had already been working with the former trauma surgeon for two weeks and it’s fair to say she isn’t a fan of his controlling and clinical style.

Jamie Glover as Casualty clinical lead Patrick Onley.
Jamie Glover as Casualty clinical lead Patrick Onley.

Siobhan may also be a relative newcomer to the ED, having only joined in February, but, unlike Patrick so far, she fits into the department like a hand into a surgical glove. The experienced medic has never been afraid to call it like she sees it when it comes to her nurses. But she’s usually a master at practising discretion when it comes to her thoughts on senior colleagues - until now!

System Failure saw Siobhan’s frustration with the new clinical lead bubble over and she shared some cutting comments with doctor Rash Masum (Rash Masum), who fell victim to Patrick’s manipulations and decided to return to work, despite having a breakdown during the episode.

Now, the question is, how soon until Siobhan makes her feelings known to the big boss himself? And will her opinions of him influence others?

Siobhan is less than discreet when she tells Rash what she thinks of Patrick in Casualty.
Siobhan is less than discreet when she tells Rash what she thinks of Patrick in Casualty.

In Casualty's newly released Breaking Point trailer Siobhan vows to turn the failing ED around. Hopefully this will involve some tussles with Patrick in the near future!

We look forward to watching it all unfold… (and hearing some more barbed observations from Siobhan!)

Siobhan on Patrick in Casualty episode System Failure

If the name fits

After Rash’s first run in with Patrick, Siobhan makes her feelings on the new clinical lead perfectly clear and comforts Rash with the immortal words:

“Billy Big Balls - don’t worry about him… That nickname stays between us!”

It’s all in the delivery 

When Rash discovers that vulnerable patient Fern Cross has been moved to a bed in the corridor he turns to Siobhan and gets this gritted-teeth answer dripping with disapproval for Patrick:

“Blame our esteemed leader - apparently she had a good night and we needed the bed.”

Adding fuel to the fire

As Holby is inundated with casualties from St James’ following a fire at the neighbouring hospital, Siobhan’s sarcasm reaches new heights when she discovers patient information hasn’t been emailed over…

“Sending tourists into space? Can’t send a few x-rays electronically? Go figure! [deep breath] Onwards!”

Followed by: “So apparently St James’ ED is closed for the foreseeable - Joy!”

We can’t lie, we’re enjoying this side of Siobhan and can’t wait for more from her in the future. Not only is she in a position to stand up to Patrick, she’s also fast-becoming an essential component of Holby ED for other reasons…

When paramedic Jacob Masters’ (Charles Venn) suspicions about a patient being abused were dismissed by Patrick, Siobhan discreetly looked into it. She also supported Jacob after he discovered he’s a grandfather. And when junior nurse Rida Amaan (Sarah Seggari) considered quitting after a harrowing shift, Siobhan was there to, quite literally, provide a shoulder to cry on.

Charlie Fairhead may have left the building, but his nursing spirit lives on in Siobhan!

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