Casualty fans praise 'phenomenal' portrayal in 'hard-hitting' storyline

 As far as Stevie's concerned 'no' is a complete sentence. .
As far as Stevie's concerned 'no' is a complete sentence. .

Casualty viewers were left stunned by the 'phenomenal' performance from Kirsty Mitchell in her portrayal of Faith coming to terms with her addiction.

Last night's episode of Casualty (which aired Saturday, 16th September 2023) saw Faith's latest struggles leave fans in tears as she embarks on the long road to recovery.

'Omg @KirstyLMitchell you were phenomenal as always I was trying not to cry but it didn't work as per then I was numb because I really want & need Faith to be Okay & start her recovery & now we have to wait for so long this is going to be hard,' wrote one fan on social media.

While another wrote, '#casualty is outstanding at the moment. Di Botcher was superb last night. The Switzerland episode was like watching a film - so well written and acted.

'Very poignant and even funny at times. Faith and Donna's stories are really gripping too, with good acting. Great telly!'

While another wrote, 'What emotional double episode tonight, from Stevie supporting and then feeling the guilt from Faith's overdose to Jan supporting Gethin with a heartbreaking outcome to then finding herself in trouble with the law.'

And another commented, 'Beautiful performance @KirstyLMitchell hope this will be a road to recovery for Faith and she can rebuild her life and relationships with her children Xx.'

While Kirsty Mitchell herself, who plays Faith, wrote in response to an article on the clever details woven throughout Faith’s addiction storyline, 'Loved that some of you caught the hidden gems in Faith's addiction storyline along the way!

'It's been an incredible journey crafting this narrative over the past several months. For those who might have missed them, don't worry, @ParkerLarkin has you cover #Casualty #AddictionStory #HiddenDetails.'

To which another replied, 'I hope that she will return soon. I don’t want to have to tell the producers of #Casualty that I find their lack of Faith disturbing!

'On a serious note, your portrayal of Faith’s decent into addiction has been very well done.'

While another replied, 'No one could've done it better. I'm looking forward to seeing faith recover.'

While another fan wrote of the episode, 'Incredible hard hitting storyline and tonight showing even her best friends can’t as much as they try to help be there 24/7 for her and how addiction takes hold.

'I do really hope Faith gets through the other side. Trauma can cause so many underlying issues.'

Tune in next week to see what's next for Faith.

Casualty is on (most!) Saturdays on BBC One. The latest episodes are available on BBC iPlayer.

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