What is the cast of Netflix's Cheer doing now?

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

If you're anything like us, you won't haven't stopped living and breathing Cheer since it aired on Netflix almost two years ago. You religiously stalk Gabi, Morgan and Lexi on Instagram everyday. You've got alerts set up for confirmation of more seasons. You're a fully paid up member of a Monica Aldama fan club - you may even be treasurer.

So, as we get finally get our hands on series 2, let's take a look at what our favourite cheer squad have been doing since they were launched into international stardom.

Monica Aldama

The formidable squad coach finished season one with her 14th win at Daytona's National Cheer Championships. That's 14 wins out of a possible 20. Wowza. Since the show aired, Monica has been on the circuit with some other members of the Cheer cast, meeting the likes of Oprah and Ellen.

Netflix began following Monica and the team again for the 2020/21 season, however filming was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning there's a time jump in series 2. However, that also means there are additional three episodes in the second season, giving up nine in total.

Along with coaching the Navarro cheer squad Monica has spent the past couple of years writing her book Full Out, which was published at the beginning of January. In the book Monica covers everything from lessons in leadership to her challenging divorce and stint on Dancing With the Stars.

Lexi Brumback

Lexi's story ended pretty sadly at the close of season 1. Soon after winning at Daytona, Lexi was kicked off the squad when illegal substances were found in a car she was travelling in with friends. But we couldn't help but stay hopeful as Lexi accompanied the rest of the team on the publicity circuit.

Then, in mid-January 2020 she posted a picture of her with her Navarro team mates with the caption, "Honey, I'm home," before confirming officially that she had been given a second chance at Navarro.

Later that month Lexi and Monica spoke to Netflix about Lexi's return to the squad, with Monica saying that she felt she was still needed in her life.

"When they reached out to me about giving her a second chance... Monica begins in the video. "I felt like not being able to come back in the fall semester, it was plenty of time for her to reflect and just get to a place where she kind of understood what she did wrong and where she needs to improve, and decisions she needs to make."

La'Darius Marshall

La'Darius ended the show coaching a children's cheer squad, with the same loveable brutality he'd had at Navarro. He contemplated to camera about a life in the army, or as a choreographer or personal trainer.

Photo credit: Cheer - Netflix
Photo credit: Cheer - Netflix

The good news for us is that La'Darius is back at Navarro for season 2. Despite the fact that Navarro is a two year college, Monica explained in an interview with US Weekly, the team has slightly different rules; "... for NCA, which is the company that we compete with for competition, you have five years of eligibility and three of those can be at a junior college."

The good news is that not only did La'Darius return for the 2019/20 season but he also retuned for 2020/21, since everyone was given an additional year due to coronavirus. While this will be his last season with Navarro, he's got aspirations beyond Cheer nowadays. In January last year he told The Dallas Morning News that he's looking to pursue an acting career.

"I want to act so bad, and I feel like it’s time for me to do that," he explained. "I’m going to be a film star. It’s just in my blood."

Gabi Butler

At the end of the season, Gabi talked about returning to Boca Raton, Florida where her family live, but didn't yet have a clear cut plan. Given her huge online presence and celebrity within the cheer world, Gabi then reportedly planned to tour the US with a series of cheerleading camps and clinics.

Photo credit: Cheer - Netflix
Photo credit: Cheer - Netflix

For some time Gabi was cheering for the Top Gun All Stars, an elite cheerleading team in Miami, Florida, but in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said that she had told Monica "if anything ever happens, just know I’m here. I’m your backup."

Well, it makes total sense then, that Gabi is back for season 2; given an additional year on the team like La'Darius. These days, she's a cheerleader for Weber State University in Utah, and still, it turns out, an icon.

Morgan Simianer

Morgan's loyalty and sheer bravery captured a lot of hearts during the show, even before viewers were told about her extremely challenging childhood. Morgan was set to return to Navarro for the 2019/2020 season, but after it was cancelling halfway through due to coronavirus Morgan quit cheerleading for good.

Since her Instagram shot up to more than a million followers after the show ended, she has of course been doing a bit of influencing, and while she didn't return after the season was halted, she appears in the first part of series 2 of Cheer.

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